Eating Clean and staying Healthy

The food we put in our body is the foundation of what we area as people. Think about it….if you put crappy fuel in your car what does the performance of the car.

It is no different…. the better the food the better the performance of your body and that is not to mention neuromuscular  health Which has tremendous benefits form eating clean.

The benefits of eating clean are endless.  I could not even begin to with about the endless benefits to ones health on one post but it will be a start. So the recipes that we will be discussing on this blog have some from years in the restaurant and food service industry.

We take a common sense approach mixed with various nuggets of information of some of the common fade diet.  The rules of thumb are less processed food and less artificial sweeteners and preservatives ….. Your body does not know how to process them so they are stored in the fat cells…. Minimal carbs and moderate amounts of saturated fats…. lots of water with a glass of wine or two every once and a while.

Now when I say minimal carbs,  I have no problem with moderate amounts of complex carbs versus the highly processed carbs that are all to common in todays groceries stores.

In reality, it is about what makes sense and what is going to add value to your overall health and well being. beca sue a happy body translate to happy  mind and vice versa.  It about having a balance both mentally and physically. Well I hope you have enjoyed this initial post.

Welcome to my blog..I will be telling why processed foods are evil and why you should be eating better. I want you health to be as good as it can be and it start with the right fuel. We will post some of the great eat clean topics and techniques that we have learned over the years. Hope you learn a thing or two and enjoy a few recipes.